The Mate-810F And Centurion Is The Deal With Wild Abandon

iMat 810-f
Technically, i-mate only official notification to the MWC this year, is a mega-tough 810-F, which will support the 140 degree heat, 14 degrees cold, water resistance and resistance to shock, courtesy of a coating Rubber bad, but it is not going to affect the average consumer - particularly consumers who do not wear clown pants pockets liters. So, for this purpose, the company is also showing the standard Windows Mobile device code-named "Centurion" - and we're pretty sure this is the most convincing of the devices i-mate has never been done. The version we saw was literally a first working prototype, which are assembled, which meant that it was a creaky, rickety, and it seemed that it may rest a moment, but we do not stock too, that most important thing Note, that is freakin 'small.

The keyboard was too soft-ness of its prototype to the overwhelming question of whether actually used in production, but our impression quickly gives us hope that it might be big enough to do the job. The battery is very small, so i-mate are thrown into a portfolio of the battery (remember the Upstage?) To help alleviate the problem - they do not have a portfolio ready for viewing, but even with this type of fixture studs , which is always looking for a smartphone and the limitations of smaller jumps than anything else you use. No launch date of the centurion, but they are mid-year - and yes, the two F-810 Centurion and receive free upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5. Bravo to that.

The Mate-810F

The Mate-810F

The Mate-810F


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