I-mate 810-F Mobile Phone Review

I-mate 810-F
Although able to withstand extreme conditions, i-mate 810-F, there is no design that makes you feel you need to bring a big backpack and, above all, is intended to be readily available to consumers on a regular basis .

Robust mobile phones are usually for a very specific group of users. Due to the narrowness of the market that are commonly sold to companies that will be assigned to employees using these devices in harsh conditions. The i-mate 810-F announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, however, is different from the rest. Although capable of withstanding extreme conditions, without a design that makes you feel like you have to carry in a backpack, best of all, is designed to be easily accessible for regular consumers.

According to i-mate, 810-F, can withstand temperatures of -10 degrees 60 degrees. Metal screw can be seen not only make the image seem difficult, but they are there to keep your smartphone waterproof rubber casing in place.

Phones designed to operate in such conditions is usually very large, but looking at the size and approximate weight of 150g 111x66x15.5mm, the i-mate did a good job keeping relatively compact.

The company is so sure of what this device can manage, it gives a lifetime warranty for 810-F. It is "subject to warranty conditions", details of which we have now. But be assured that once we have our hands on the product for review, we examine this issue comprehensively.

Other parts of the 810-F includes a full QWERTY keyboard, a QVGA touch screen, GPS support, Wi-Fi and 2GB of integrated storage. For your cellular needs, it has tri-band UMTS with HSDPA for high speed data transfer and a quad-band GSM radio, so it should work in most countries you happen to travel.

Although it has 2 GB of memory, it seems to be an expansion slot in the 810-F. This may be due to the need to keep a stake of at least reduce the chances of water inside, but it would be nice if this option was available.

Specifications sheet lists the handheld to the 1200mAh battery. This can be compared to many other smartphones, but something that can be used in extreme conditions, is probably not enough. This is because the batteries drain faster in cold weather, and even for those who need a cell phone are more likely to be difficult to find a download of the fuel system.

i-mate not have fixed dates for the shipment to Australia, but assures us that it is working to develop business with retailers and operators throughout the region. The unit has an estimated price of $ 699 U.S.

It's great that the i-mate has created something that stands out from the competition. There are simply too many "me-too" products on the Windows Mobile space, is a breath of fresh air in the industry.
I-mate 810-F

GSM and HSDPA connectivity
A QVGA impact-resistant touchscreen display
Full QWERTY keyboard
Built-in digital compass
Secure i-Q software
2MP camera
624 Mhz CPU

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