New iPhone 2018 release date, price & specs rumours

We round up the news and rumours about Apple's new iPhones for 2018 (the iPhone 11, iPhone XI or iPhone X Plus): their release date, new features, design, price & tech specs
Apple's iPhone update in the autumn of 2018 could see three or even four new iPhones launched at the same time, and fans can't wait to hear the announcements.

In this article we look at all the rumours concerning the successor to the iPhone X, and the expected larger iPhone X Plus: their release date, prices (which we hoped would be cheaper than in 2017, until reports emerged that LG is 'struggling to hit production targets'), design changes, tech specs and new features. We've also got the latest leaked photos, including what is believed to be a new gold finish.

We also think Apple is likely to update the iPhone SE in the spring of 2018, and we have a separate article addressing iPhone SE 2 rumours. And for advice related to the current lineup, read our iPhone buying guide and roundup of the best iPhone deals.

What will the new iPhones be called?

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Plus (aka iPhone XI and XI Plus)
  • iPhone Xs and Xs Plus
  • iPhone X Plus (to join the existing iPhone X)
  • Or just plain iPhone and iPhone Plus
There are enough potential names for the new 2018 iPhone that we could probably write a whole article just about that! Tell us what you think in the poll below.

Release date for the new iPhones

We expect the successor(s) to the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X to be unveiled in Sept 2018. This would be one year after the iPhone 8 launched, and is in line with Apple's usual habit of launching a new flagship iPhone every September.

In 2017 the company didn't launch all of its new iPhones at the same time: the iPhone X arrived one month after the 8 and 8 Plus. (Whether this was intentional isn't completely clear.) But we don't expect there will be a staggered launch for the new iPhones in autumn 2018.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple's focus this year will be to ensure all the new models are ready to meet the same shipping date. "Achieving stable shipments and on-time shipping" will be the company's aim, he said in a research note back in October 2017.

And in Mar 2018 the Taiwanese site DigiTimes, citing "sources from Taiwan-based IC design houses", predicted that Apple will begin production earlier than usual - in Q2 - in order to avoid the stock bottlenecks it suffered in 2017. That should make a staggered launch less likely.

In April 2018 the French site Consomac spotted 11 new entries - all of them devices running iOS 11 - in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database, which suggests that Apple is registering models ahead an iPhone launch. At this point in the year, however, this is far more likely to indicate an imminent iPhone SE 2 announcement.

iphone x release date 2018

How many new iPhones will Apple launch?

Initial reports indicated that three new iPhones would be announced in autumn 2018; further reports in Jan 2018 suggested it could be as many as four.

Back in Nov 2017 Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that three new models would launch in autumn 2018, and that these would have the same all-screen design with the now-familiar notch. In January he followed up with more details of each model:

  • 5.8in OLED: iPhone 11 or XI, with largely same design as iPhone X
  • 6.5in OLED: iPhone X Plus or XI Plus
  • 6.1in LCD: a cheaper alternative - starting at around $700 - with the notch design of the X but slightly larger bezels. It will feature Face ID but not 3D Touch and won't have twin camera lenses on the rear. Kuo later predicted that this model could sell 100 million units

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