Nokia E6 Review

Nokia E6
For what it's worth, the E6 Nokia Eseries smartphone to be the last published by the Finnish handset manufacturer with Symbian on board. Since the company decided to concentrate its production on Windows Mobile 7, it will not be a surprise that mobile phones will be Symbian programming budget of Nokia.

Nokia E6 will take most of the good qualities of the earlier Eseries models, but only some of its negative aspects, and gives them a slim compact body. And 'certainly one of the best Nokia Eseries smartphones as the Nokia E6, significantly improve the functionality of the old operating system Symbian.

It 'also worth mentioning that the phone is going to enter the Symbian operating system update, which makes it more attractive for those looking for E71/E72 successor.

Unveiled last April with the X7 model, Nokia E6 hit shelves in June with Symbian ^ 3 on board. Some might consider E6 a little expensive, because the phone is now available for about $ 350, depending on location. Customers can choose from three available color schemes, black, silver and white.


Nokia E6 is quite the spectator, but in a decent hotel in a serious way, especially when taking into account the destination phone business. The high quality of the phone is different, but this has never been a problem for Nokia.

The phone is very similar to its predecessor thanks to its Eseries metal body and full QWERTY keyboard portrait. But Nokia E6 lets users combine a touch screen with the advantages of a physical keyboard.

Phone to be 115.5 x 59 x 10.5 mm and weighs 133g (battery included). It feels perfectly balanced and hold, even if it is a bit 'heavier than average.

Comes with a small sensor of 2.46 inch capacitive touch screen accelerometer for auto-rotate and proximity sensor for auto turn-off and a secondary front facing VGA camera. All are placed on top of the screen to the right of the listener.

All key strokes are the division Symbian small screen from the keyboard, with a large D-pad that allows users to operate the phone without using the touch screen.

The full QWERTY keyboard with keys large enough and sensitive. However, for users with larger fingers than average to be a torture to try to text with the keyboard. The same applies to the small screen.

The microUSB port was placed on the left side of the phone while it is usually the top or bottom. The characteristics of the right volume up / down and voice dialing between them. There is a slider that locks the phone's display and the screen, which can also be used to activate a dual LED flashlight. Just slide the button down and hold for 3-4 seconds until the lights are turned on the lights.

On the side there, a microSD memory card slot, 3.5mm audio port and power on / off button, while below there, the charging port.

An 8-megapixel camera is placed in the back of the phone, with dual LED flash that can function as a flashlight and a small speaker. The battery cover is made of stainless steel, which gives the phone a solid feel.

Those who still feel connected to Nokia Eseries smartphones must surely go to E6, if not already done so. The quality of construction and the combination of touch-screen QWERTY keyboard phone certainly gives a physical advantage over other Eseries phones.

Screen and Camera

While Nokia E6 comes with a touch screen, its small size makes it the least preferred method of handling the phone. Fortunately, most users will be able to control the menus with the spacious and comfortable E6 D-pad.

However, note that this is the first integrated VGA screen whenever an Eseries smartphone. This makes the screen clear and bright. It measures 2.46 inches and supports 16 million colors with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Nokia E6 has 8 megapixel camera should be considered as one of the strongest on the phone. Unfortunately, the portable camera lacks autofocus, but image quality is mediocre.

As I said before the camera with dual LED flash can also use a flashlight when you take pictures at night.

Nokia E6 AF were replaced with fixed focal length, making it impossible to take big shots clear.

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