Smartphone Review Samsung Nexus S

With the plethora of Android devices available in the market, it is very difficult to specify a device and pretend to be the best on the market. Despite many strong competitors in this device, which only proves that Google has not diminished in his quest to create the ultimate mobile device to achieve a monopoly in the market.


Samsung Nexus S
While Nexus S has the same design as the Galaxy series, you can immediately tell differentiator that really set this device apart from the crowed. The screen of the device is rather odd in shape, and both the front window and the screen has a slight bend inward, which fits perfectly on your face when you make calls. Although the difference is not significant, it manages to give your phone an identity in itself. Samsung has decided to stick to its usual line of materials used to make their phones and have integrated relatively cheap looking plastic in the manufacture of the device, even if there was a slight improvement in the awful rather watch Captivate. All materials are simple, yet robust enough.

The front is dominated by a display device, even if the light sensor, proximity sensor, a front VGA camera and headset seems to find its way in your opinion, if you look closely enough. The rest of the control interface on the device are similar to most of the Android devices, but the unit does not have enough of an edge style that makes it stand out among the models to match.


The processor Hummingbird done a tremendous job of competing with the rest of the dual core processors, which seems to be on the market. The display, crisp, seems to have some inconsistencies in the panel against certain colors and settings.

The phone seems to have a pretty decent battery that lasts up to 20 hours of moderate to heavy use, but not too many calls during the day. Battery life can take a dip at about a day. The keyboard has undergone radical changes with the incorporation of new features like copy / paste and even multi-touch.
Samsung Nexus S


Although the camera is pretty impressive Nexus S for a phone, the images appear to be exceptionally good, what is the problem with most phones. This situation prevails even in photographs taken in good lighting conditions. Instead, the camera in this device seems to be able to capture better images in low light.

Just like how the review began, the conclusion is the same note. The unit is by far the best smartphone Android to perform when he was released. This marks the first mobile phone from the stable of Samsung that come with Samsung's TouchWiz, which can sometimes be a bit unwieldy. Overall, a great choice in a style that deviates from the signature on the form factor monoblock regularly, although the experience of the media with the themes of the screen and the camera below the average could put out.
Samsung Nexus S

Samsung Nexus S
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