Samsung Conquer 4G , Sprint May Be Outed

Samsung Conquer 4G
The handset next Sprint 4G should take the form of a device called a mid-range Samsung 4G Conquer. Phone Scoop Eric Zeman noted the Android device based on the Samsung website yesterday with the specifications and photos.

This is not the first Web master Samsung jumped the gun, and indeed all references to the conquest of 4G, alias D600, were quickly removed (click on the link, you join a "page not found" message ). However, the cat is out of the bag, and we have a pretty clear indication of what lies ahead.

4G Conquer should have a 1 GHz processor, 3.5 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera and front camera 1.3 megapixels. The Android 2.3 phone powered by recently cleared the FCC, where he was listed as having support for 800 MHz SMR Sprint. Zeman reminds us, means that the phone will be able to use voice services on the spectrum where the transitions Sprint push to talk backwards.

Since neither Sprint nor Samsung has officially announced the Conquest 4G yet, we have no suggested retail price or release date. A look at the image of the phone, however, shows a date of July 15. Perhaps a sign of things to come?
Samsung Conquer 4G
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andremartin said...

web solutions I totally want ice cream now too :)

These photos made me wish I'd gone for a bold and bright colour scheme a little - it works so well!

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