Nokia N9 Not To Be Released In America

Nokia N9
While Nokia has already announced that its first smartphone, and only Meego, the N9 will not be available in all regions of the world, it seems that the company did not consider it appropriate to strengthen its position towards the availability of the phone.

We assumed that due to the positive reception of the phone, even before its official launch, Nokia will see that the N9 will be available in several countries.

However, it seems that the Finnish company has no plans to launch the smartphone MeeGo in other areas and limiting the phone market in several countries.

The company's most recent statement for the guys over to Engadget, Nokia N9 it clear that the U.S. does not do so at any time soon.

"After the very positive reception for the launch of Nokia N9, the product is being deployed in countries around the world. At this time we will not make it available to the United States. Nokia is a market by market approach to product implementation, and each country makes its own decisions about products to enter from those available. Decisions are based on an evaluation of existing products and future product portfolio of Nokia and the best way to leverage local market opportunities. "

Yet there is a small chance that the major retail chains in such as Best Buy and Amazon U.S. smartphone can include on their portfolios, shortly after its European launch, which is dedicated to August 19

U.S.: Nokia fans hoping to get their hands on the N9 will not be disappointed by the recent statement by Nokia, since the phone launched in India said it might be possible later.

In this context it is worth noting that Nokia already announced that the N9 will not be available in the United Kingdom.

But eXpansys France dealer already built six variations of the N9, which is now available for pre-order.

A U.S. statement the N9 might be possible after the same pattern as the release of the UK, but has yet to be confirmed by a leading retailer in the country.

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Steve said...

Stupid Nokia. This is the best phone they make and the only one that I ever wanted from them and now I hear that it's not coming here. No wonder the company is doing so bad. Or are again our stupid mobile operators that are blocking it?

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