Nokia N9 Meego Mobile Phone Review

Nokia N9
Finnish mobile giant Nokia has introduced its latest smartphone, the Nokia N9 today. We at Crave Asia managed to try the new Nokia smartphone MeeGo stand at CommunicAsia in Singapore. Here are our first impressions of this sleek-looking phone.

Weighs only 4.7 grams and measuring less than half empty, the N9 comes in a configuration of 16 GB or 64 GB The phone feels good in our hands, and curves 3.9-inch AMOLED Corning Gorilla glass is similar much. The screen operates at a FWVGA 16:09 (854x480 pixels).

Nokia has also clarified that the polycarbonate used in the body of the N9 is uniform in color, which means that if there is a scratch, there would be no change of color. Polycarbonate body may seem a bit '"cheap", but it gives the laptop seems funky. N9 is available in three colors - black, cyan, and magenta.

You will find that your smartphone has no buttons on the front, with volume control only and a lock button located on the right side of the unit.

Phone works Meego 1.2 and the interface is very similar to that found in the Symbian Enter. The icons, in particular, the same look again, and the entire viewing experience is very interesting.
N9 Meego

The smartphone is based on the film gestures to switch between screens. You can scroll from right to left or from top to bottom. Ideally, you should touch the edge of the screen, or you may find that it does not work properly with some applications.

Nokia N9 has only three screens to talk about. The first screen is where you place the ads, social media powers the e-mail messages.

Box, a list of all applications, and is no longer able to order them now. So the applications have, the more you need to scroll to find the application you want. This can be a bit 'boring.

The third screen shows all open applications and you can press one of the windows to jump directly into the ca. To close a program, all you have to do is press and hold any application, and an "X" appears in the upper right corner of each application, you can press to close. There is also a "Close All" button, you can use.

8 megapixel camera is sensitive enough, but we have not had a chance to test its low-light. The phone also allows you to change shooting modes, including changing the ISO up to 800 times during the night.

Nokia has also integrated NFC in N9, and it is not just for mobile payments. The company is a demo of the pairing of a Bluetooth headset with NFC technology (instead of the usual PIN method).

The performance of the prototype feels very catchy, and it appears nearly ready for details. As a device MeeGo, N9 applications run based on the Qt platform Hopefully N9 buyers to choose from in terms of programs when the phone is released.

The Nokia N9 retail $ 660 and $ 749 for models of 16 GB and 64 GB respectively. The phone will be available later this year - the same time we can expect to see mango-flavored Windows 7 Phone Nokia devices.

N9 Meego Nokia Mobile Phone Pictures
N9 Meego Nokia Mobile Phone

N9 Meego Nokia Mobile Phone

N9 Meego Nokia Mobile Phone

N9 Meego Nokia Mobile Phone

N9 Meego Nokia Mobile Phone

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Claudia said...

Looks really nice and gorgeous. Finally Nokia has made a great smartphone with great software. I hope to see even more MeeGo smartphones from them in the future.

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