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There is no escaping the fact that the pills will be fashionable in 2011, and as their popularity grows, competitors will be designed to Lop each other's heads off. Xoom Motorola was the first tablet which made us feel as if the IPAD was not going to get $ 200 without a street fight. After mate Galaxy 7-inch Samsung, Motorola Xoom proven to be a whole new breed of tablet, and we found it difficult not to play with him constantly throughout the day. Motorola Xoom receives its speed and processing power of a dual-core processor, rocks a 10.1-inch widescreen displays the new operating system Android Honeycomb, offers a 1080p playback, and will be courses for Verizon LTE 4G network later this year. But that's just scratching the surface. Let's take a detailed look at Motorola Xoom.
Motorola XOOM Review


The first thing to note about any new electronic device (especially tablets) is the weight. Leaving the box, it feels heavier than one might expect. Not too heavy but has enough weight so that I paused a moment and thought, "Oh man, this may be too heavy for portability in general." I grew up in comfort with the Galaxy Tab for a few months and found the future unfairly "portability" against a small shelf that had taken me everywhere.

Move along, takes a few seconds to locate the power button, I'm sure you've heard before. What seems strange the first few times it becomes very natural with prolonged use. They tend to keep XOOM in landscape mode, the fingers are already where they should be in power. Added to this is a case or cover of the platform, leaving the view button and a little behind. The volume buttons are placed horizontally, of course, becomes a little unstable in portrait mode. Of course, this would be the case no matter where the controls of Motorola as the tablet moves the position anyway.

The general feeling is that XOOM is a solid machine, built of good materials. There are places where the main unit creaks or feel cheap, knock-off that afflicts the $ 100 you can get a Walgreens or Kmart. If there was anything that could change this machine could be used as the material behind. Slippery and soft feel like they could be scratched if the salt and pepper on the table or perhaps in the womb that has pieces of sand. I'm still scratching XOOM, but above all to keep it bundled a protective case. Back is also a tendency to take something that could have their fingers, even though an ounce of sweat and oil. Of course, you do not want to confuse the tablet just polishing off a bucket of wings, but simply moving the device, then attracts more sauce than you will want to deal with.

Coming around to the front of XOOM, I immediately pointed out that the screen does not stay clean. Always. Even a casual eavesdropping sweeps and business picked up and not leave it too easily. If you want to use the model to block the phone's display, you might consider for XOOM, so bad. Choose a PIN or some sort of password you want for your child or a stranger to understand. Not so much that the screen may be opaque or difficult to read, but just does not look out well. Since the use of the entire tablet is on the screen (no buttons) XOOM 10.1-inch screen can get ugly fast. View as seems to matter when you start letting the seven years of playing Angry Birds ninja or fruit. I have yet to find a good way to keep your screen free of oil, or an effective way to clean it.

The 5 megapixel camera works as expected and are not significant. Keep the tablet in place to record the video feels a delicate touch and a lot of attention. Almost every time I used it to take pictures or capture a moment, I had someone ask, "What the hell is that thing?" Having the big screen Slam feel a bit silly (no photos secret spy) in a time of small points, click cameras with higher resolution, but at least I did not need to carry a second device.

Front camera is more than enough for my use and works just as well as everything else I've used. Almost a year I can count how many times EVO 4G I used the video chat. Although it seemed more a show-off trick, and then on the phone, I can see this becoming one tablet. Video conferencing software and GTalk enhanced to make sure that I use this camera more often.
Motorola XOOM Review

XOOM participants are in the back, just above where your hands took the pill. While they are much stronger than me and for my use, could be seen on the side or somewhere around the face. I get the slim design lend themselves to too many choices, but I think things could be stronger or lighter in exceptional cases. I do not use the tablet to read music, often, but occasionally the YouTube video that the camera is held in my ear.

It would be nice to see the charge of income shifted to a different location in the XOOM. Since I have a portfolio that protects the device and put it on my desk, I noticed that I can not download the movie and show it at the same time. The charger is a direct screen, and it is just the place to take the tablet when shore.

While on the subject of the charge and the battery, I am pleased to say that the XOOM me through almost two full days of use of a load. Of course, results may vary depending on applications and forms of life. I prefer to keep my tablet with me to the desktop as a second screen for the chat, RSS, email management and occasional sports and news reader. The XOOM me to the room where you catch up with reading games and play. My son XOOM in the car to play and take pictures with me. I got used to the load (Android) phone every day and try to stay in the habit with the tablet. Fortunately, not have to worry quite as I do with my EVO 4G.

In general, XOOM is fast ridiculous. Having a dual-core processor is that you know. I still run into a place where I feel the delay or that the tablet does not respond quickly. In fact, going to my laptop from the same apps actually increase the difference. It 'a little' as the way in which Snapdragon processor runs circles around the G1. I can not believe how much slower it makes me feel over the telephone.

SOFTWARE (Android 3.0)

After spending time with each generation of Android so far, the honeycomb interface is definitely a change. Notifications and navigation are at the bottom, while the menu go to the top. It takes a little getting used to, but some days that everything seems natural. I particularly like features such as notification of redundancies in the mail and the images that come with email and GTalk. The "Recent Applications" button shows the five games and applications you were using, which makes it very easy to jump between the corner and email application. From the five panels on the home screen, there is more than enough space for icons, folders, and widgets. The new scrollable widgets are great (Gmail, USA Today, CNN, etc.) and further facilitate access to its content.
Motorola XOOM Review

I ran into the occasional tear and the forces nearby, but I forgive Android users. The first upgrade that rolled out seemed to solve some problems with the browser, even if I was not a hint of the changes and features. Every time I see the portable app, but I imagine that is more than how it was written, and not separately for the honeycomb. On the other hand, I'm sure there are things you might do to the operating system level so that older applications to play nice.

The short list of applications that were written specifically to take advantage of Android 3.0, is fantastic. And shows fragments partitioned in applications such as USA Today feels intuitive and does not take the time to understand. Things work the way you think they will. I just love the new Android Market, Gmail, GTalk, and Contacts applications, as they are shining examples of how to optimize the honeycomb. Android 3.0 IU experienced loss Galaxy feels like a large-scale experience of smartphone. Yes, I know that we heard consistently that older versions of Android was not designed for larger screens, but Xoom makes this even more evident. With or without a custom user interface, honeycomb is the path to a tablet. Period.

The onscreen keyboard is good and works well in fashion, but I would recommend getting something like the thumb keyboard to make it even easier. This is where I lost the possibility of an explosion by email or on the tab. Once I downloaded a second option, things are much more effective. However, the standard keyboard in landscape mode works well on a lathe.

Other features such as nested rapid access to settings honeycomb and application management is cool over time. It's as if Google allows users to skip some steps to get where you need to go. Hopefully this is the details that make building the future for mobile.
Motorola XOOM Review

XOOM reminds me a lot in the back of the G1, because it is the first device of its kind in the new OS. After seeing how Android is evolved in the last build, I'm sure this movie experience has improved over time. Not a lot of hardware under the hood to stay a couple of issues, and because it is a store for Android, I am optimistic about the future support.

My use of the size of the tablet is completely different from what I did with the Galaxy Tab. Instead of a vast apparatus Android is a perfect complement to my phone. I eat more information, read, browse, and more generally to explore. I find myself opening the Android Market to see the back, which never with the tab. Casual games are fun and new titles, designed to Honeycomb really a way to enter was initially reluctant to spend money on XOOM, thinking it would be relegated to the coffee table or put away again and again. After a month, I am learning new ways to use the tablet a day. Do not even have the weight or size anymore because of everything this man does. In fact, I have to tell me to leave home when I go out.

While the pill is not perfect, no smartphone either. There is always something on the horizon that might look more attractive. I'm seeing the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1? Of course. I am also looking forward to playing with something in the average size (G-board) as well. However, I can not clean everything off I have to learn to do with what I have. And with XOOM, it was pretty easy for me. There is nothing here that I want this tablet has had or can not wait. With its high price tag, is not for everyone. Place a 16 GB version and shave hundreds of us on the cost and would be very hard to resist. Also, my XOOM is improving daily.

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