HTC Sensation 4G bile Phone Review

HTC Sensation 4G
HTC and T-Mobile first introduced 4G HTC Sensation back in April, and we were immediately in love with Android smartphone. Not only will the HTC a dual-core processor 1.2 GHz and 4.3-inch QHD screen, but the improved user experience by adding useful features for the HTC Sense. We had to wait two long months since that fateful day of April, but the T-Mobile customers will finally have the chance to get their hands on the HTC 4G Sensation begins June 15 at a price of $ 199.99 with a two-year contract and after $ 50 rebate by mail. Needless to say, we were eager to get their hands on this new feeling, and we are pleased to say that it does not disappoint.


What we can say it was love at first sight. Sensation 4G HTC phones is one of the most beautiful and well built smart, we've seen to date, and is not due to something flashy, just solid and stylish design. As a number of HTC handsets have a 4G Sensation unibody aluminum chassis with a streamlined, high quality construction. What is most remarkable about the phone is how it is elegant for a 4.3-inch touch-screen device.

Unlike some of the 4.3 inch screen smartphones like HTC and Samsung Thunderbolt charge Droid, Sensation, does not feel heavy or bulky. It 'similar in size and weight (5 inches long 2.6 inches wide and 0.4 cm thick and 5.2 ounces) and T-Mobile and Samsung Galaxy G2X S II, but the emotion is a feeling of higher quality, and thinning edges so it would be nice in your hand.
HTC Sensation 4G

Part of what makes your smartphone to be as thin QHD is 4:09 p.m. (540x960 pixels resolution) LCD touch screen Super. The screen has a contour design gives it a concave shape, which makes it comfortable when held against the cheek, and also prevents scratches when the phone is placed at the bottom of the screen. More importantly, it looks fantastic. Text and images are sharp with bright colors, and we were still able to read the outside screen. The iPhone screen retina and Samsung Super AMOLED touch finer detail and offers better color saturation, but the display is still not feeling left out, and we suspect most people have no objection to it .

The touch screen is very sensitive, as you can easily navigate through menus and applications launch with a single touch. Scrolling through the lists and also the pinch zoom was smooth. To enter text, you only get the option of offering HTC keyboard - full QWERTY phone, or compacts - but there is no standard keyboard or Swype Android. However, if it is not immediately obvious, the keyboard has a feature called HTC trace that behaves like Swype where you can drag your finger to each letter. As with Swype, traces were found to be faster and easier, and more specific as to peck each key.
HTC Sensation 4G

The screen is touch-sensitive buttons for home, menu, back, and search functions. The left side has a volume rocker and a micro-USB port, while the right side has no control. At the top of the device houses a 3.5mm headphone jack and power button and just below on the upper right side of the screen is the camera face. The flash 8 megapixels and dual LED are located on the back.

T-Mobile HTC 4G feeling packages with an AC adapter, USB cable, 8 GB microSD card pre-installed, a wired stereo headset, and reference material.

Software and interface

HTC ships sensation with 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the latest version of the HTC Sense. Sense has always been our favorite custom skin for Android, both for its aesthetic and useful features, and now HTC has done even better.
HTC Sensation 4G

Many new features of meaning can be found on the lock screen. In addition to displaying the date, time and other vital statistics, you can now have links to four of your favorite programs. By default, shortcuts are made telephone, email, messaging and camera, but you can change your phone Personalise menu. To open a specific application, you can simply drag the icon to the ring at the bottom of the screen, instead of having to unlock the phone first.

Furthermore, links, HTC has also wanted to lock the screen to introduce the contents of the users, so now you can also customize the display of the photo gallery, a friend of the stream, your favorite stocks and climate. Content, and then floats or flies (depending on the option) on the screen.

Once you unlock the phone, is even more improvements. For example, like the HTC Flyer, the feel of a 3D carousel features so you can navigate through the seven home screens, instead of falling on each panel. (Of course, you can also use the jump from the screen.) The notification area to a second tab called quick adjustments you can manage your wireless connections and access to other parameters. The Mail and the widget now gives an overview of each message, and the Widget Gallery offers a flip-board effect.

There are many more HTC Sense, but for brevity, we will not detail all the features again here. However, we found the new features both useful and well integrated into the system, providing a good user experience on the 4G Sensation.
HTC Sensation 4G


T-Mobile offers roaming capabilities 4G World Sensation, a speakerphone, conference calling, voice dialing, video calls via Qik, and text and multimedia messages. Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi are all on board, and there is support for Wi-Fi calling. T-Mobile does not pay for this function, but remember, that the minutes shall be reduced to a normal voice plan.
HTC Sensation 4G
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