HTC HD2 With The Unofficial Windows Mobile 7 ROM Enable


It was inaugurated in 2009, the HTC HD is one of the latest smartphone for the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 on board.

However, it seems that the device has many fans who do not think or get rid of the phone and replace it with a new phone devices in Windows 7 that have been recently launched in the market.

Instead, they preferred to carry the phone in the HTC HD2 Windows 7 platform, although Microsoft says it did not previously receive Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.5 software updates.

Although the first unofficial ROM for the WP7 HD2, also known as HTC Leo, was released a few months ago, none of the ROMs that have been implemented until recently authorized users to update their devices built with the official published by Microsoft .

Fortunately, this is now possible thanks to the guys at XDA, just released a new ROM Build 7.0.7004.0, which allows users to Flash HTC official HD2 any future updates released by Microsoft.

HD2 previous versions of Windows Mobile 7 should follow these steps:

- Flash old warehouse from the boot disk and let it completely:

- SD Card format;

- When you reflash, use magldr and the new album.

According to the guys over at XDA, it is important to follow the instructions above, because the format of the partitions have changed and the old rum can cause problems with system updates.

Unofficial ROM requires the following: Hard SPL 2.08 or higher, the radio, which supports RAM and 576 Magldr 1.12 or 1.13.

The main features of the ROM include:

- Ability to install on Build 7720 Mango;

- Possibility to install the update booth Developers;

- Upgradeable via the Zune (which is built after 7720 to wait for confirmation before the subject);

- Racine, Chevron and unlock features and reapply after an upgrade.

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