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Nokia had a presence on the big screen for a long time, and X7, like many predecessors, made his debut in one of the processors this year, including blockbusters: Dark of the Moon. He certainly has the stage presence is what I thought and I was very anxious to test. The phone made its way to our labs and after going pretty well for a few days, this is what I can say about the Nokia X7.

Form Factor

Nokia's latest trend in high-end touchscreen phone seems to be, "Uni-Body". X7 is a device rather strange that tapers towards the ends on both sides. Whipped out of his pocket, you're going to get confused about which side is facing up until the screen comes on. The steel shell is, however, makes it feel very sturdy and feel. Speaking of the screen - a 4-inch glass enclosed Gorilla AMOLED touch-screen sports 360 x 640 pixel resolution, which is quite low compared to its peers, and Optimus Black Samsung S Galaxy which offers 480 x 800 pixel resolution. However, the colors are very vibrant and the black level is deep enough, though not as deep as the P970 Optimus.

X7 is a strange place, yet strangely innovative your SIM and microSD cards. The trays are pulled out, and things are easier to manage. Of course, you need not be removed and re-add the cards, but I still want them to be a little 'easier. You must push the other side of the hole and the other turns out, grasp and pull. I call it a "pop, grab the pull system '. Micro USB connector is located near the top of a 3.5 mm headphone jack and power / lock screen is also designed to look unconventional. Dipper volume and the shutter of the camera is positioned on the wrong side of the curve when it is very difficult to obtain, if necessary. They should have a little 'more.

Unconventional. X7 is a word, but it does not work. All this metal, hard-looking phone weighs 146g which is very heavy. Speakers are strong enough and involved in hands-free is nice on the ears.

Features and performance

Symbian Anna really do not impress me too much because it's really quite like the original version of S60 touch screen with only a few cosmetic changes. The icons are larger and have rounded edges, like IOS, except that here, the lighter colors used. Real-time scrolling ", meaning the screen moves with your slip is not really a big deal, but makes the interface seems a little more liquid. There is a hint of delay is evident while access to programs and functions. I also noticed that when the handset is out of hibernation shortcut functions in the tabs office took about two seconds to cool off. It seemed that the 680 MHz ARM processor has 11 had a little trouble keeping up now and then, but it worked pretty well for most of the time, including providing a smooth transition effect when the direction of the screen changes. Multi-touch zoom are also present.

While Nokia has a brand new vision of the virtual keyboard, I'm pretty disappointed. While Android and the IOS, you can write and watch the chat / message on the screen at the same time, Anna did not. It opens a new page in the text box and occupies half of the keyboard with the keys on a relatively small opening at the bottom. This means that it takes an extra push just to respond to chat, or send a message. Horizontally, however, shows a QWERTY keyboard is much more versatile.

Nokia has not yet found a way to integrate the repertoire of social networking opportunities. Again we see Android and iOS few steps ahead. Although they offer a certain amount of synchronization of contacts to connect the phone with their information is available via Facebook and Twitter sync with Anna, as all previous versions of Symbian offered it must be done manually on a contact to contact base. It's enough time, even if you do only once.

Nokia X7 Symbian Anna Smartphone Pictures

Nokia X7 Symbian Anna Smartphone

Nokia X7 Symbian Anna Smartphone

Nokia X7 Symbian Anna Smartphone

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