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Nokia E7

Since Nokia E7 sheet specs are released into the wild, it was clear that for the first time Nokia's flagship smartphones will not be an Nseries device. After teasing the market with N8, which was received by the fans slightly, the E7 is considered comeback of the company.

For those who have had the chance to live N8 E7 is basically the same, but on a larger scale, the 4-inch screen, thank you.

While the smartphone was launched after Nokia announced that ditching the Symbian operating system for mobile Windows 7 as the platform of the mobile bearing first, the manufacturer has not retained when the quality .

The fact that this is an Eseries device is an obvious choice as a smart phone business, but in truth, the E7 is a round-robin, which is exactly what Nokia wanted.

Whether you are interested in taking pictures and share them on your social networking account, or perhaps you want to use the phone as a complex agenda and the mobile office, the E7 can do these things and more.

The fact that E7 has replaced the N8 is a double-edged task for Nokia, since it is likely to raise expectations. If the E7 will be at least the same level of success of the N8, the mission carried out by Nokia.


The Nokia E7 has the same features of its predecessor, N8, and was cut from a single block of aluminum. Metal casing makes it heavier than most smartphones in scale, but give a solid appearance.

The cursor is signed lead industrial designer Shunjiro Eguchi, who used a grenade as a source of inspiration for the design E7. Eguchi tried to get the phone to see simple and minimal, and according to our standards, he succeeded.

Apparently, the amazing things that happened to the aircraft while in testing phase, as the smartphone of not less than 10 (ten!) variants QWERTY, until the final version was agreed.

On this basis, the case should be presumed that the E7 QWERTY keyboard is the best ever put on your Nokia device. Even if this is true, as Nokia E7 prices keyboard against other brands? We already know that this is the best Nokia has done recently, but good enough to beat the competition?

One of the most important things when building a half of the zipper slider is the quality that makes the phone more durable. The Nokia E7 is a huge zipper that runs the spring, which helps the user to slide the phone easier. In practice, just give the keyboard a little push and the spring takes over and the finish of the sliding movement for you.

But it took me a while to get used to the rigid mechanism. I do not know why, but E7 is a slider must be pushed down slightly by tapping thumbs on the two corners of the front. Advice, be careful when you slide the phone for the first time when he can jump out of your hands.

Once you become familiar with sliding mechanism, you will have no problems. It is, or will you be frustrated that you can not push with one hand.

The phone keypad has a rubber-like, and answer keys, which are far away, and held four lines. Large size of the phone can be the designer a blast with the phone keypad, so you have time in your life while weaving with E7. In fact, this is the best keyboard, Nokia has never been one of its phones.

This is one of the first keyboards I've had some success when trying to type without looking at the keys. If you do not mean anything, how to prove it.

E7 Nokia
To confirm the minimalist approach, Nokia E7 least possible features external keys. It's not just the key to lock / unlock slider on the side of the phone. The right side has a shutter key of another slider that controls the volume of phone (smartphone) and a small port that allows users to insert the SIM card.
The band that covers the port is not the plastic strip that protects normal to get too much dust in the place, it is out of part of the metal plate, the SIM card is inserted, then do not try to pull while the SIM card is inside, as the phone restarts.
The microphone of the phone is located at the bottom, so be sure not to cover with your hand during phone calls. The top is a micro USB port, HDMI port, a 3.5 mm audio and power button OFF.
The only thing that seems to disturb the "mojo" is the fact that E7 is the microUSB port is not included. Besides this, other keys are the perfect combination of external body of the phone, which gives E7 hear "everything."

Plus the touch screen of 4 inches is the speaker, sometimes the light of the proximity sensors of the sensor on the left and the secondary camera for video calls, which is located next to the right.

The 8 megapixel camera phone in the main rear features dual LED flash. Unfortunately, the camera is left without any protection, while strong and durable the phone is the camera will always be your weakness.

Naturally, the phone battery is out, and this time he really can not be replaced. There are no screws to screw or anything else that can be removed without seriously damaging the phone.

In general, the work of building the Nokia phone is commendable. The angular shape, the monocoque form factor and the minimalist approach is a sure win for Nokia.

Screen and Camera

The Nokia E7 with the best mobile phone technology company's display board, ClearBlack. Unlike the N8 3.5 inch AMOLED display, is equipped with 4.0-inch, ever-larger nHD screen (360 x 640 pixels).

Although technology is not something new ClearBlack is a considerable improvement in the basic AMOLED displays. Touchscreen Nokia E7 has a polarizing filter on top that is supposed to block light, reduce the screen brightness and improve the quality of visual image, especially outside.

Basically, ClearBlack show E7 is capable of providing high quality images in any situation, indoors, outdoors, low light and bright light. In addition, the phone's display automatically adjusts brightness ClearBlack at an optimum level depending on the conditions where you are, you also save some battery life.

This is another Nokia device, which is delivered to each test, the Nokia C6-01, which have already been revised.
Despite this, do not have to worry about not being able to see what's on the screen when the phone is exposed to strong sunlight. For all the phone is not only extremely durable body, the screen is scratch-resistant glass Gorilla.

The phone is also a built-in accelerometer for automatic display rotation, multi-touch input method as well as the vehicle proximity sensor to turn-off.

Although the ultimate smartphone business, the E7 has a decent 8-megapixel onboard. But the camera is more paralyzed by the fact that it lacks the autofocus, which were replaced by fixed point. The latter allows the camera useless when you need the image to something more closely.

The camera interface requires users to use at least twice to make changes. Not the most friendly I would say. There is nothing extra included, but at least you get the same options that are integrated with N8: White Balance, ISO, color, contrast, sharpness, and scene modes. Facial recognition is the only feature that might actually be useful.

In terms of quality, the E7 is good, but not among the best in the 8-megapixel camera on the contrary. The maximum resolution that users can configure it to take pictures of 3264x2448 pixels. The maximum resolution that can be used for recording video is 720p at 25 fps.

See examples below for a more precise advice on the quality of the Snapper photo.

Software Menu

While Symbian OS might not be the king of the world more, Nokia has been pushed to do things, and 3 ^ a lot snappier than its predecessor. Although users can not find anything new in terms of functionality, aesthetic changes, the system was made more 'human'. However, Symbian OS ^ 3 is when you put a head to head with younger mobile platforms.

The main screen is now extended to three parts and can be easily populated with widgets. These can be rearranged and consist mainly of short cuts, contacts, or favorite Web sites. The interface much faster, but the graphics have been improved. This does not seem to dent the CPU, which means that the Nokia engineers have worked hard to optimize the operating system.

Moreover, compared to the previous version, Symbian ^ 3 has been completely optimized for touch. However, the main menu has been maintained even if you have the same layout and some customization options.

In addition, kinetic scrolling, some changes were introduced, such as rapid start-up settings when you click next to the battery icon in the upper right of the Start menu. Task Manager also shows thumbnails of applications running in the background. Unfortunately you can only see three of these, then you will need to run if you have more.

By clicking the button below the physical screen to display the main menu. The key can also be configured to highlight when you receive a message or missed call. You can find the option in the Settings menu, under the lights of the Notification menu.

The main menu can also be rearranged to show the Grid or List. A small number of folders in the main menu, it might actually be a good idea, because you do not waste time scrolling folder. On the other hand, the lack of additional features is not necessarily good for business. It is a double-edged situation, so consumers are the only ones to decide what is best for them.

There are many "standard" apps that are preinstalled on the phone with clock, photo and video editing, a user guide, social networks, YouTube client, research, Ovi Music, Office, Notes, and Mail Symbian and other specific functions.

Some of the key applications that are pre-installed with the Nokia E7 includes complex calendar, calculator, converter, file manager, recorder, Adobe PDF, QuickOffice (full version), ZIP, Dictionary, Msg.

There are no media sub-menu, but you get some dedicated programs in the Music menu: music player, stereo FM RDS radio Ovi Music. Podcasts have been removed from the menu, but you get Vlingo, a program that allows you to control your phone by voice. There is also a security solution that comes with the phone, F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile.

As I mentioned earlier, Nokia E7 comes with the full version of QuickOffice, which means users will not have to pay more for new documents editing.

Overall, Symbian OS ^ 3 is a step forward for Nokia, but it's still a lot of polishing to make it attractive. Symbian Dare we hope that the next firmware update will bring some of these great changes.
E7 Black
Nokia E7
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