IPhone 5 Rumors: You Need To Know

5 iPhone (or iPhone 4S, as some call it) the rumors are flying thick and fast now.

Let's Raid 5 iPhone Rumors fridge to find the truth tomatoes in the middle of the stinking Stilton speculation unfounded.

Find out what the hope is that Tech radar for the next iPhone, in our Wishlist video.


5 iPhone rumors are picking up the pace

5 iPhone (or iPhone 4S, as some call it) already rumors flying frequently.

Let's Raid 5 iPhone Rumors fridge to find the truth tomatoes in the middle of the stinking Stilton speculation unfounded.

Find out what the hope is that Tech radar for the next iPhone, in our Wishlist video.

5 Released for iPhone

WWDC this year was on the software, not hardware, with Apple focusing on the IOS and Mac OS

A new report from China said that later, Q3 (which always includes in July) and is soon see the iPhone in May, after the debacle of the late Japanese supply of key components.

On April 20, 2011, it became clear that the iPhone launch date of September 5, 2011 may be higher than in June / July. This date was quoted three sources who spoke to Reuters. As iOS 5 is configured to be in the fall, is a safe bet that the iPhone will be released five times since.

On May 17 we reported that the iPhone Phones4U to the release date of the mouse 5 to November 21, 2011. We are not sure how Phones4U would know that the release date at this stage, however, so take this particular piece of information with a grain of salt.

IPhone 5 Rumors
Rumors that appear on June 21 suggests that the iPhone is set for 5-August 1, 2011 release. Speaking to BGR, a source said the iPhone would Thew have a "radical new case design" and a release date for the final week of the month.

The debut of the iPhone, along with five in the fall IOS 5

iOS 5 will be available in the fall, Apple said. Could this coincide with the iPhone 5?

On July 1, Digitimes reports that Taiwan-based component suppliers were preparing for the production of the iPhone and iPad 3 - add weight to the theory that appear in September.

5 becomes the iPhone based on icloud

Apple says it is "cutting the cord" IOS 5 - and also claimed that the iPad was the first of two post-PC, earlier this year. Operating system updates can be delivered to the air - you just received, what has changed, instead of the usual 600 MB download - and the device can be activated without connecting to iTunes.

You can now create and delete mailboxes and calendars IOS too, so you really can give your device from your PC or Mac

"You can activate the device and you're ready to go," said Scott Forstallee Apple.

"Software updates are now on the air. You do not need to plug in to update your software. And they are now updated Delta. Instead of downloading the entire OS, you only get what has changed, "he said.

5 or shape of the iPhone

The Wall Street Journal reported that: "Apple is also developing a new iPhone model, he said people are told on the phone said a person familiar with the fifth generation of the iPhone would have a different shape than those that are currently available .. . It is not clear how soon that. version would be available for Verizon or other carriers. "

This has been supported by reports from Engadget, which specify the design will be a "review".

Of course, since the iPhone 3G was followed by the 3G is possible, the new iPhone will not be a total update and we'll see one (or 4GS iPhone) iPhone iPhone 4S 5.

IPhone 4S seemed more likely to May 16, 2011, after an analyst Peter Misek wrote: "According to our monitoring of the sector, the device should be called the iPhone 4S and contains small cosmetic changes, a better camera, dual-core A5 processor and support for HSPA +. "

But earlier reports from China claimed the largest armored metal chassis, sporting iPhone rumors 5, so that the new design still seems firmly on the cards.

22. March 2011, the China Times also reported that the iPhone has five 4-inch screen.

A rumor that we covered 7 March 2011 suggests that the new iPhone will do away with the rear window and chose instead a metal back, which serve as new iPhone antenna.

Apple's patent, and will submit a report on April 7, 2011 suggests that we could see the advantage of a new framework for the iPhone. Patent describes how the visual displays and touch-sensitive buttons can be connected to the space around the iPhone display.

Rumors that we covered May 3, 2011, suggest that there may even be two versions of the new iPhone: a "standard" for the iPhone and iPhone five five "pro". Apparently, Apple is the sourcing of different quality, and these parts are not necessary for a single phone.

IPhone cheaper, smaller iPhone nano 5-1

A prototype version of the iPhone is said to be smaller there, built to fight the Android phones to low-cost competition.

IPhone Nano rumors about shooting Feb. 13, when the Wall Street Journal said that the so-called iPhone nano 'in there, and there may also be on sale later this year.

I am the voice nano iPhone may have some truth, though. As we said on February 18, the New York Times quotes an anonymous source who says that there will be no less than the Apple iPhone. "The whole unit does not change," says the source.

IPhone White 5

Economic Daily News reports that the iPhone 5 white glass is being sent to a call provider Wintek the sole provider of iPhone's touch screen blank.

iPhone HD 1080p 5

It is highly likely - since two IPAD supports Full HD - the new iPhone will do the same.

5 specifications iPhone

According to the China Economic Daily News (via AppleInsider), with the exception of Qualcomm chipsets - which would replace the current Infineon chipset in the iPhone 4 - Apple paste with the same suppliers of iPhone components 5G 2011.

We expect that the bases of the iPhone to 5 glasses crash - more memory, faster processor and more space. A5 2 dual-core ARM processors iPad is very likely to be involved.

The specs? A new antenna, 1.2 GHz processor (or dual-core) and a larger screen: 3.7 "instead of 3.5". 5 The iPhone can also be made of a new type of alloy, or maybe meat.

iPhone Screen 5

Other items out with February 15, 2011, Digi reported information on time suppliers of components that support the iPhone apparently leaked five largest feature, 4-inches. Digital Times quotes a source as saying that Apple will expand the size of the screen "to support the Tablet PC market, the seller has only a 9.7-inch market iPad."

On 23 May it was reported rumors that the iPhone could have a screen of five curved glass. These rumors also Digitimes, which says that Apple has bought between 200 and 300 glass cutters special because they are too expensive for manufacturers to invest in.

5 iPhone or iPhone 4S will also receive a huge boost graphics, as it moves to a dual-core GPU - it could open the way to 1080p output of the new unit, according to our news about January 18.

5 Pocket Digital iPhone

There has been some speculation that Apple may include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the 5G iPhone, running as a sort of credit / debit cards. From Techeye.net says: "Apple has studied the NFC before," so this is not necessarily imminent.

However, within the Tech Nexus S, the NFC may be time to finally be here.

UPDATE: On February 24, 2011, it was reported that an Apple patent reveals a wallet icon in the iPhone home screen. This gives credence to the rumor that the iPhone will have five NFC.

However, March 14, 2011, the independent report on the sources, "several major mobile operators in Britain," he said Apple has told them not to expect the NFC is the iPhone 5 Perhaps we should wait for the iPhone 6.

Who to believe? On March 22, 2011 Hours China said that the new iPhone will have an NFC chip.

On 24 June it was reported that the Google platform mobile payment wallet could be on the new iPhone. Eric Schmidt admitted that Google is trying to port software from other manufacturers.

Support LTE

At least one analyst believes that the iPhone will support LTE 5, high-speed mobile broadband, the United States. 5G 4G iPhone would make the phone that is not confusing. DAB is definitely coming - AT & T plans to extend its LTE in 2011 - but LTE is the iPhone is said for some time. USA Today, launched the idea of ​​LTE is the iPhone Verizon last year.

iPhone camera 5

Speaking at a live event, the Wall Street Journal was Sony, Sir Howard Stringer talks about camera company installing the image sensor in Sendai, a city that was recently devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

According to 9to5Mac, said something like: "Our best sensor technology is built in one of the [tsunami], affect the factories they go to their iPhone or Apple iPad .... is not that something they buy the best sensors for us. ?. "

Other sources also indicated that the new iPhone could have an 8 megapixel camera.

iPhone Price 5

If the iPhone is an evolutionary step 5, as the transition from iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3G so we expect the price to be more or less the same, but higher rates in the UK may well mean a higher price.

iPhone 5 photos

A photograph of a misleading 5 iPhone cases before it was discovered by a Chinese supplier, suggesting that the combination of Apple's next is to present an edge to edge. We are not convinced that this is an original part of Apple, however.

March 17, 2011, we reported a second to set the iPhone leaked five cases, this time looking stunning in the same way the iPhone 4 cases.

5 that the iPhone looks, it seems Samsung wants to see.

Apple is accused of attempting to interfere with the Samsung is a Korean company plans to get to see top-secret future iPhone and iPad devices, such as the new iPhone and iPad 3.

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