Dell 4.1-inch Thunder Explodes Android OLED Display

Dell is as lost time with smart phones, while the "Lightning" is the response of society to the extravagance of Windows phone, the Thunder Dell escape along the far Android 2.1 with a poise and a similar 4.1-inch WVGA OLED. There is a very personalized Dell "Stage" UI at the top, it looks very different (and class) that we have seen on the Aero and the Line. Apparently, Facebook and Twitter links to social networks, and taps a keyboard Swype for replacement, writing with a dash of common sense look at HTC. Dell document also states that a Flash 10.1 to see Web videos with a reference to "a Hulu video web application integration." We're not sure how, but I hope we never dreamed all that can be mobile Hulu. Under the hood, you'd think the same chip that powers the Snapdragon Ray, but we have no specifications.

There should be 8-megapixel camera, however, and a phone sold by AT & T and world-friendly version of HSDPA in the 4 th quarter of this year, and the LTE model to be followed towards the end of 2011. We can not wait.

Dell Thunder explodes Android Wallpapers Pictures

Dell Thunder explodes Android

Dell Thunder explodes Android

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Dell Thunder explodes Android


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