IPhone 5 That Come With 8MP Camera, No SIM Card

IPhone 5 That Come With 8MP Camera, No SIM Card

Set to launch next week, after all? - New sources have said the iPhone launch 5 at WWDC next week, with an 8 megapixel camera, internal antenna and multiple, potentially, a Qualcomm chipset.

We lost count of the number of rumors about the next generation iPhone, with analysts and a myriad of unnamed sources to suggest that we would not see hide nor hair of him until September 2011.

But with just one week's WWDC, rumor has moved back to the forecast that will be released in June as usual to cool the Apple iPhone.

It is all a bit boring now

We do not expect iPhone big 5 (or 4S iPhone, suggested the nickname), in which the design is still largely in the iPhone 4, but with a new processor, better camera, and three or four antennas, so that "world phone, as Verizon does let slip last month.

The sources also say the phone is SIM-less, which goes against France Telecom's CEO told reporters last week about a "new standard for SIM cards."

Although supposedly set to be launched at WWDC next week, met the leakage sources say five Macotakara of iPhone release date will not be until late July or early August

They also argue that the significant improvement of the unit is scheduled for launch in early 2012, iPhone 6, anyone?

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