How To Remove Jailbreak Your IPhone?

How To Remove Jailbreak Your IPhone?

eZone recently purchased a used iPhone. This works well and is in excellent condition. In many applications installed. To install an application is not an escape from prison, and a program called "blackra1n. I do not want this application to my iPhone. I want to eliminate it altogether. Can anyone tell me how to remove jailbreak your iPhone? Please help me.

Thanks in advanced stages.

How to uninstall jailbreak to the iPhone?

Re: how to remove jailbreak iPhone

can not directly remove the jailbreak for the iPhone? "It's up to you to erase all sensitive data or cause damage to the iPhone should be reinstated on the labels of iTunes iPhone If you do not know how to restore the iPhone just try the following ..:

first connect the iPhone to your PC -> now the iPhone is usually in the form -> Open iTunes -> See the right side of the Reset button -> click the Reset button (the process of restoring a new version installation youiphone operating system) -> see now that the iPhone and the new version of the operating system, which means we now have an iPhone is not third-party applications

Re: How to uninstall jailbreak to the iPhone

removed easily jailbreak your iPhone? Skip first menu -> click Apply -> find the code to avoid prison -> Just hold down the icon to the cross, which appeared in a small icon -> time to show a sign of the cross is - - > You'll be asked if you want to delete it or not - select> Yes -> Sign up to automatically remove your jailbreak.

Re: how to remove iphone jailbreak iphone jailbreak

install and then remove them easily?. This should restore your iTunes. I would say that restoring the iPhone using iTunes. If you still can not delete this application, you should contact the nearest store for Apple to solve the problem.

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