Windows 7-based HTC Leaks Bresson

Among the phones that should make a splash this year, so the wireless carrier, T-Mobile, we can count on a Windows 7-powered Phone by HTC also, apparently, as Bresson.

Nothing has been officially unveiled the availability of this new device for now, but recent reports suggest it would be to make an appearance at the door at times toward the end of the year.

Since the new smartphone should arrive on store shelves before the next release of Windows flavor Phone, or Mango, the new handset is likely to be powered by this iteration of the operating system when it is released.

phone, they can see a photo on the left could be the HTC Bresson himself, but only a placeholder. Smartphones may seem completely different, a tough no confirmed case so far.

Evidently, Bresson would have only one phone, HTC aim to launch the phone on board the Microsoft Windows platform, then in 2011.

HTC HTC Ignite and prime minister are two other devices such as a company can issue this year, former candybar design, and the second has a QWERTY keyboard on board.

For now, however, gave no specific details about the availability of these two devices, it is unclear if they make an appearance on the U.S. market.

Chances are that Bresson would arrive on the shelves at T-Mobile with a high quality photo snaps in the back, which would also have HD video recording sports, and support for new features that Microsoft has augmented reality promised for the next edition of Windows Phone.

It is rumored that the device was unveiled to the world some time after September, and could be available in time for the holiday season, and more information, it seems that time.

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