Mobile To Spy On The Activities Of Employees

Using office equipment such as telephones and automobiles are often the personal interests of employees. It also includes for you? Be careful, now has a special application mobile phone that can spy on you.

Crystal Ball, so the program name, so that the entrepreneurs know the location of employees, see the phone calls or messages and all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic that is available. Even the use of company cars for private purposes.

So get ready for it if your boss uses this application, there is no point about the queue is very long lunch, caught in traffic and so on.

Because when the car, the boss can not figure out the number of miles, the amount of fuel used, the number of passengers in the car, speed, time and place of the employees are located.

Application called Crystal Ball is a way of working is similar to satellite navigation systems in cars.

When employees log on every day, so it is after all his movements were monitored by your boss directly through your Nokia smartphone. After finishing the work, employees can recover their right to privacy after logout.


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