How To Install The Android Market 2.2.7 Nexus Nexus Blue S, Z It Said HTC Acer, Samsung Galaxy Android.

How to Install the Android Market Blue S 2.2.7 Nexus, Nexus, Dezire Z HTC, Acer, Samsung Galaxy Android. Custom blue version of Android Market 2.2.7 has just been released for the / S Samsung Nexus, and it works for other Android devices. We installed our HTC Desire, and it works perfectly. Read on for more information. Android Market had several updates in recent months, this latest update a more attractive user interface is used as the primary color green.

Before you begin, you must install the root device because this version requires the market to replace the previously installed / system / apps. When you are rooted in the device, you have two ways to install the Blue Android Market.

1. Replace the existing vending.apk / System / apps with a new manually:

* If you have any "roots Explorer, you must use it to search / system / apps on your phone and vending.apk existing backup file, copy it into the SD card. If you do not "Root Explorer ', use' Super Manager 'instead, which is available free on the Android Market.

* Download blue market apk " Despite being APK version, which is full of vending.apk first single zip file you downloaded.

* Connect your phone to your computer, insert the SD card and copy this file vending.apk extracted from the SD card.

* Now copy this file manually vending.apk / systems / applications using the following Super Manager or Explorer, replacing the existing vending.apk.

* Restart your phone.

1. Installing the new phone market in its recovery:

* Download the zipped version of the market blue "" and copy it to the root of your SD card.

* Restart your phone into recovery (Android Take a backup in case you want to return if something goes wrong or if you just want the return of the old market).

zip file * Flash as any flash app for Android phone recovery.

* Restart the phone.

Congratulations, you now have the custom blue Android Market is installed on the device
Download Blue Android Market 2.2.7 (APK Version) here


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